Gaillion (GUY\lee\on) is a progressive rock/hard rock power-trio hailing from New York City, Seattle, and Ventura.  Formed in the late eighties, their first full length album "Admit One" was released in late 1989.  Soon after, the band members went their separate ways but always remained close friends.  Twenty years later, Gaillion reunited and has been releasing new material in the form of independent singles, since 2015.


Drums, Percussion / Don Gunn
Vocals, Bass, Keys / Todd Howard
Guitar / James Vasquenza Jr.




#1 Song of the Year: Gaillion - "Letters from the Skipper"

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Gaillion: A timeline of 26 years

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Gaillion – “Letters from the Skipper”

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Gaillion - Admit One (25th Anniversary Remix and Remaster) – Review

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Gaillion – Letters from the Skipper – Review

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Gaillion - "A band with an impressive and remarkable history."

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New Releases & Admit One

by Gaillion